Customer Awareness

Your banking information never travels the Internet without encryption protection. Login sessions have a time-out limit, and after the limit has been reached, you are required to login again.  Multi-factor authentication is used.


We will never email you asking for personal information such as Social Security Numbers, Account Numbers, or Passwords.

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Online Banking

From checking your balance to transferring funds among your Lincoln State Bank accounts, you are in full control of your money. Online banking is available from any personal computer with Internet access and affords you the flexibility to bank when and where you want.
  • Review account balances and recent transactions
  • View check images
  • Schedule one-time or recurring payments
  • Print statements
  • Download account information
  • Transfer money between your accounts at Lincoln State Bank
  • Make loan payments

Mobile Banking

With Lincoln State Bank’s mobile app, you can enjoy the ease of having your accounts at your fingertips while on the go:

  • View your transactions for each account
  • Transfer funds between your linked accounts
  • View deposit and check images
  • Pay Bills
  • See Alerts
  • Make a mobile deposit


Lincoln State Bank enables you to monitor your account activity with use of Notify on your mobile device.  Notify allows you to set the parameters of which type of notification you would like to receive.     


Touch Banking Mobile App Code =   GoMobile3890

Bill Pay

Have you ever wished you had your own personal accountant to pay your bills for you?
Now you can with Lincoln State Bank Bill Pay program!


  • Bill Pay allows you to pay your bills quickly and easily online.
  • No monthly charges for Bill Pay and no per item fees.
  • Our Bill Pay system will retain your bill paying records.
  • Bill Pay will send the checks or electronic payments for you, no need to buy stamps again!


Receive your bank statement directly from your Online Banking or through email as an alternative to paper statements. Enrollment is fast and easy! 



Convenient and secure access to eStatements through email or your online banking.

  • Access to historical statements.
  • Save statements directly to your computer.
  • Receive statement 3-4 days earlier than a paper statement.
  • Go paperless and reduce waste and storage. 


Access to eStatements is protected by username and password secured with industry standard 128bit encryption. We will never email you asking for personal information such as Social Security Numbers, Account Numbers, or Passwords.

Online Security

Online threats are constantly evolving so it is important that you come prepared. We are committed to providing an excellent online banking experience that is easy to use and highly secure. With just a few basic practices you can add additional layers of security to your routine that will give you peace of mind.


Customer Awareness

Understanding the risks is a critical step in protecting yourself online. Here are some threats to watch for:

  • Phishing
    – Often initiated by a false email, phishing lures you to a fake website
    (one that looks like a trusted financial institution) and tricks you into
    providing personal information, such as account numbers and password.
  • Pharming
    – Similar to phishing, pharming seeks to obtain personal information by
    directing you to a copycat website where your information is stolen,
    usually from a legitimate looking form.
  • Malware
    – Short for malicious software, often included in spam emails, this can
    take control of your computer without your knowledge and forward to
    fraudsters your personal information such as ID’s, passwords, account
    numbers and PIN’s.


Protecting Yourself

  • Never share login information with others
  • Avoid using unsecured wireless networks
  • Utilize anti-malware, firewalls, and spyware prevention software on all of your devices
  • Keep all software on your devices up to date with the latest security patches. Especially programs like Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Java, and web browsers.
  • Maintain secure and unique passwords and update them often. Avoid using the same email and online passwords for your online banking authentication.


Protecting Your Business

  • Educate your own internal employees on the types of fraud and how to detect and identify them.
  • Avoid sending sensitive information through unsecured email.
  • Implement company-wide controls that assign responsibilities and procedures.
  • Audit your employee’s activities to catch potential issues early.


Protecting You

We utilize a large range of security features for your safety and financial protection.

  • Multi-factor Authentication – Automated software that monitors accounts for unusual activity and can prompt for additional personal information when necessary.
  • Password complexity requirements – Our online banking access requires the use of complex passwords and periodic password updates.
  • IP Address Restrictions – Prevent unauthorized access to your business account by white-listing specific IP addresses

Lincoln State Bank VISA® Debit Card

Checkless checking with your Lincoln State Bank VISA® Debit Card is convenient & easy. No need to worry about checks or credit card bills. Use your Lincoln State Bank VISA® Debit Card just like a check for cash, transfer funds, balance inquiries & purchases 24 hours a day. Once your transaction is complete, the money is automatically deducted from your account & will show on your monthly bank statement. You can easily monitor your account activity with your Online Banking.


Safely shop from the comfort of your own home with these tips:

  • Use a reputable website while making purchases
  • Secure websites will begin with https: and will have a padlock symbol
  • Create secure passwords that include symbols and capital & lowercase letters
  • Remember, money is withdrawn directly from your account.


Traveling any time soon? Please be sure to notify us of your upcoming travel plans, by verifying that we have your current contact information on file (especially your cell phone number), in the case of suspected fraudulent activity, and remember to take along alternative method of payment for emergency purposes.


Debit Card Activation and Debit Card PIN Reset customer service number:  800-992-3808 

(You must call from the telephone number we currently have on file for you, at Lincoln State Bank)


Text Fraud Alerts

Please see detailed information for VISA Debit Card Text Fraud Alerts under the Fraud Protection tab, below.


Fraud Protection

If you notice any suspicious activity on your account, please call the Bank at 800-541-0809.


VISA Debit Card Text Fraud Alerts

As of February 13, 2024, keeping your debit card safe with Lincoln State Bank is as easy as sending a text.  You can now receive text fraud alerts on your mobile device.  If the Bank’s Card Fraud Alert System detects suspicious activity on your debit card, you will receive a text message with details about the suspected transaction.  


First, you will receive an initial Enrollment Request:

[Lincoln State Bank Card Fraud Alerts activation text. Reply YES to confirm your enrollment, HELP for help, STOP to cancel texting.  Message        and Data rates may apply]  


The Enrollment will be followed by a Welcome Message:

[Lincoln State Bank Fraud Alerts.  Thank you for enrolling.  Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel.  Message and Date rates may apply] 


After the enrollment process is complete, a case creation text is sent when a fraud case is created (sample message):

[Lincoln State Bank Fraud Alert: Did you attempt transaction on debit card ending XXXX at Merchant in ND for $25,62?  Reply YES or NO.]


When customer replies NO to the case creation text:

[Lincoln State Bank: You’ve indicated an unauthorized charge on your card ending in XXXX.  A temporary hold may have been placed on                    your card.  Pls call immediately 1-800-541-0809]


Customer replies YES and card is in active status:

[Lincoln State Bank: Thank you for your response.  We’ll continue to monitor your card for unusual activity.]


Customer replies YES and card is in restricted status:

[Lincoln State Bank: Thank you for your response.  We’ll contact you when the temporary hold on your card has been removed.  Sorry for 

any inconvenience.]


After card restriction is lifted:

[Lincoln State Bank:  The temporary hold has been removed from your card.  We’ll continue to monitor your card for unusual activity]


If a problem is encountered while trying to lift the card restriction:

[Lincoln State Bank:  Sorry, we were not able to remove the temporary hold from your card.  For your security, please call us immediately at              1-800-541-0809]


If the card transaction is confirmed fraud by you, your debit card will be placed in a restricted status, which means it will no longer work.  A new card will be ordered to replace your current card.  The Bank will reach out to you to start the dispute process, when applicable.  




Fraud Protections


Identity theft affects the lives and credit scores of millions of people annually. A little precaution can go a long way to keep you safe.

  • Shred or tear up credit card & ATM charge receipts, credit card solicitations & bills, cancelled checks, account statements, expired cards & similar documents.
  • Outgoing mail should be deposited at the post office rather than the mailbox, and incoming mail should be promptly removed to avoid thieves from gaining access to your personal information, especially in rural areas.
  • Review your monthly bank & credit card statements promptly and carefully for any unauthorized activity. You can easily manage and keep a watchful eye on your Lincoln State Bank accounts with Online Banking. Report anything suspicious immediately. With the age of electronic transactions, fraudulent activitycan easily slip by.
  • Do not put the complete credit card account number on the memo of your checks when paying your bill.  Instead, write only the last 4 numbers. This is all the information necessary for your payment to be applied correctly, and this limits the information to those who might abuse it.
  • Never give your personal information over the telephone! Be especially cautious of anyone posing as a law enforcement individual, bank representative, internal revenue service or someone from “prize headquarters”. A good rule of thumb is to never give information to anyone if you did not initiate the telephone call. Once a crook has access to your account number, they can create and issues drafts with your account number to steal funds directly from your account. Never “verify” your account number of social security number over the telephone or internet.
  • Use up-to-date virus protection & access controls regularly.
  • Guard your social security number.  Never carry it in your wallet and avoid having it printed on your checks.
  • Protect your password & PIN. Never lend them to anyone even if it’s someone you trust, they may be careless and leave it in plain view for a scam artist.  Be mindful around the ATMs for “shoulder surfers”, persons watching to steal your PIN to gain access to your account(s).
  • Question credit card denials that you receive for no apparent reason.
  • Periodically check your credit report to see if there are any credit cards and or loans in your name that you didn’t generate.  A free credit report is available at
  • Do not share your PIN with anyone and do not keep it written down anywhere in your purse or wallet.
  • Do not use public wireless access for financial transactions.



Phishing is an attempt to steal confidential information from consumers via the computer, through the use of “pop-ups” or emails. These emails have Internet links to deceive you into disclosing sensitive information such as bank account numbers and social security numbers. Often times the email appears as if it comes from a trusted source and unknowingly directs you to a “spoof” website that encourages you to divulge sensitive personal information.



Skimmers are devices used to read the magnetic strip from your credit card or check card. They are often hidden in places where you legitimately use your card to make a transaction like an ATM or a restaurant. Your information is typically used within 24 hours of the skim to make online purchases. 

When Information Is Lost or Exposed

Did you recently receive notice that your personal information has been exposed in a data breach? Did you lose your driver’s license or other identifying information? Did you learn that your online account has been hacked? Depending on what information was lost, there are steps you can and should take to help protect yourself from identity theft.


If you think you are a victim of fraud or identity theft, take action immediately! You can safely go to the Federal Trade Commission’s website for guidance to protect your ID by clicking on the link below for the Federal Trade Commission’s guide for lost or stolen ID.  


Federal Trade Commission Lost or Stolen ID Guide    


Of course, we are here for you! Reach out to any of our Lincoln State Bank personnel with any questions or concerns.